"This kind of music is cosmic, it is traditional yet contemporary. EarthSync’s work is of great significance”
The Hindu, on EarthSync Festival

“Strong sentiments of ‘togetherness’ and unity among all creeds were reflected both on and off stage as ticket holders had traveled from as far a field as Europe, Australia and America to attend this highly anticipated annual event”
New Indian Express, on EarthSync Festival

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EarthSync Festival
Contemporary and traditional music forms come together on the same stage at the annual EarthSync Festival.


The annual EarthSync Festival is held in Chennai, South India, and features eclectic music forms amd musicians, with the EarthSync signature of the highest quality production and artistic direction.

From traditional, folk, sacred and classical sounds, traditional instruments in an electronic mix, to light and visual art, traditional and contemporary dance performances, stills and exhibitions, the EarthSync Festival are unique experiences.

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