A Worldwide Celebration of Artists, Culture and Music


IndiEarth XChange in association with 8 international music festivals has launched a global initiative for artists, culture and music. 

Featuring 18 diverse musicians from 13 countries in its first edition, CULTURAS 360° was born to support artists and conserve cultural heritage, providing opportunities to perform and collaborate internationally. The collective of curators and industry professionals from 9 world music festivals around the globe has come together to birth this vision - celebrating the rich diversity of music that has the power to unite human beings, across borders.

The collective’s shared commitment is to stay resilient while working for social transformation and solidarity between peoples, cultures and music. Addressing the current hardships faced by live music festivals, CULTURAS 360° will continue to support and stand for artists, audiences and industry professionals.

The Festival Collective

Sunfest - Canada, IndiEarth XChange – India, 
MMM Festival, Mozambique, Ollin Kan Festival - Mexico, 
MARE - Spain, Kriol Jazz Festival - Cape Verde, 
Havana International Jazz Festival - Cuba, 
WOMAD - Chile, and Artes á Rúa – Portugal.

IndiEarth XChange presented four artists: Pratik Shrivastava (India), Maya Kamaty (Reunion Island), Khoomei Beat (Republic of Tuva), and Siti and The Band (Zanzibar).

For more information about the CULTURAS 360° Commitment, the 9 music festivals, the 18 artists, and our worldwide supporters:

CULTURAS 360° Website

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Special Thanks to IndiEarth XChange Supporters