Mysterious Duality

Released on EarthSync, Mysterious Duality is a multi-dimensional reflection of the simple yet complex self expressed through a single instrument - the veena - performed by renowned exponent of the Carnatic tradition Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh.


Performed by a single artist - veena virtuoso Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh - Mysterious Duality features Kumaresh in the studio with seven different veenas playing lead, rhythm, drone, and percussive parts. She overlays layers of several veena recordings, reimagining the musical mathematics of traditional tala and reinterpreting the grammar of the raga. 

The resonance of each of the many strings of seven different veenas comes together as a harmonious whole, representing the different personas and thoughts of an individual, and the mysterious dualities of a single existential entity.

"Mysterious Duality, out on the EarthSync label, is one giant leap into the ethereal wonders of India’s Carnatic classical music tradition and the sublime graces of the veena. Dr. Kumaresh discovers a symphonic sound by layering the veena to create a rich journey that will delight both Indian music and EarthSync fans". - World Music Central 

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